Midwest Derby Fest

I had meant to say so many things about this earlier, I just get so easily distracted.

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For Spectators

For Announcers, EMTs, and Volunteers

I am pleased to say that I am involved in the first Midwest Derby Fest tournament as Tournament Head NSO! As the event grows nearer, I get more and more excited… it’s like being full of butterflies and waiting for weeks to finally puke them out, in a glorious display of something both beautiful and kind of scary! Scary in a neat way, though, like when a magician cuts a rabbit’s hat in half, or whatever it is they’re doing these days.

As THNSO, I get to work with 40+ beautiful people AND Hugh Jorgan (Tournament Head Ref), who has long been one of my ref idols. If you haven’t met him, he is just a lovely person through and through and an amazing ref to work with.

I also get to get back to my “back in the day,” when it was Batwing (Gatekeepers) and a few other people who organized the original Beat Me Halfway clinics, and had graciously allowed me to be their HNSO; and also Shane Darby (formerly known as Coach Spanx or Freak, depending on what position he was holding, but now skating under his legal name), who was the first derby coach I had met some years ago. Hooray, back in the day!

So, I wanted to tell you some things about the tournament, as you may be interested in attending in some capacity.

For Spectators: there are 16 WFTDA, apprentice, and women’s leagues and 4 MRDA and men’s leagues participating for a total of 34 bouts over the weekend. Holy crap, right?! No mash ups, at all, just straight up derby from leagues you know and love!

Info: 29-30 June, Cowan Civic Center in Lebanon Missouri. Tickets are $20 for one day or $30 for the weekend.

WFTDA, Apprentice, and Women’s Leagues:

  • ARRG (Arch Rival Roller Girls): Fleur DeLinquents
  • Benton County Derby Dames*
  • Cape Girardeau Roller Girls*
  • Circle City Socialites
  • Dark River Derby Coalition (DRDC)*
  • ICT Roller Girls
  • KCRW (Kansas City Roller Warriors): Plan B
  • Mo-Kan Roller Girls
  • NWARD (North West Arkansas Roller Derby): Natural Disasters
  • Quad City Rollers
  • Red River Sirens*
  • River Valley Derby Diamonds
  • So-Ill (Southern Illinois) Roller Girls
  • Springfield Battle Broads
  • SQCRD (Springfield Queen City Roller Derby): Queen Bs
  • St. Chux: Pack in Black

MRDA and Men’s Leagues:

  • Benton County Derby Demons*
  • Capital City Hooligans*
  • Cowtown Butchers
  • Tulsa Derby Militia*

*non-WFTDA/MRDA participants

Exciting, right?!

For Announcers, EMTs, and Volunteers:

If you are interested in announcing, please fill in your details here!!!

I am currently at capacity on NSOs, but if you think you might want to volunteer in another capacity (we are especially in need of more EMTs!!!), contact Shane through our FaceBook page!

Volunteers get free entry, a VIP pass to special events, and extra good times for their wonderful efforts!


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