The Great Melting Pot, Except Those Bits That Just Won’t Blend


An American flag hijab.

An American flag hijab.

This is what I’m talking about today.

First off, I’m going to give you a smidge of history.

1. America is supposed to be some big fucking melting pot, where everyone can be a shining star and chase the dream of working hard and living an awesome life. Not just White people, not just Christians, not just guys. Back in the day, the three most discriminated against persons: Black (if you didn’t pick up on this one), Asian (please see how we got railroads), and Irish (wuuuuuut? Look it up. The Irish were “European n-words”).

How long to melting pots take to melt? A few hundred years? Well, so far I’m not seeing much of a melt, though it is a far cry from day one, sure. Does it take forced measures of “diversity?” It shouldn’t. Capable adults should be able to recognize talent and beauty without looking at someone’s physical features, or even clothes. If you want to see real diversity, go to India. Hindus, Buddhist, Muslims all together with hijras, East Asians, Central Asians, hell, even Southern South Asians are a far cry from their Northern counterparts. So, the Third World figured it out but we, some AMAZING fucking super power can’t? Alright.

2. I’m not sure how up on the history of Judaism you are, but, man, let me tell you: those people have had it rough since, oh, 586 BCE. Skipping over the ancient bits towards the modern-ish, when Jewish people were facing some pretty serious dilemmas in European countries (not referring to WWII Germany, exactly), something Jewish people began to adopt was an idea of nationalism. At that point, being Jewish did not necessarily mean an ethnicity and certainly couldn’t mean an allegiance to a specific country (that kept getting snagged from them).

In an attempt to, I dunno, quit getting exiled from crap like Spain and everywhere else, many Jewish people began putting their nationality first, and their religion second. Not like they put YHWH on the backburner, but they began to identify themselves as Germans, French, Spaniards, and so on instead of just “Jewish.” If there is no homeland or you have adopted a new one, it’s a pretty good idea to actively identify as that nationality, right?

Ok, now, to the point. If you haven’t clicked the link above, prepare to be sickened. Yes, I realize a lot of terrible things are associated with Islam these days, but you cannot say that the whole of a religion is evil. If all Muslims thought as the ones deemed terrorists, then we would be gone. 2.2 billion Muslims on the planet. Do you honestly believe they are all out for blood? You’re kidding yourself, if you do.

Further, I keep seeing these remarks of Islam being the religion of the devil, devilish, Satanic, and so on. Did you know that Judaism developed first, then Christianity, then Islam? All three are considered Abrahamic Religions, as they trace back to Abraham (some followers so to the point that they claim to literally be the descendents of Abraham; not so much the Christians, as that is one of the huge divergences from Judaism, of course).

All the recognize Abraham and Moses and many of the same stories and figures, and all three have the same god. It’s a difference in practice, not in deity. Don’t believe me? Read a book. That’s how I found out.

Now, for this woman’s hijab being an American flag— think where else you see the flag worn as clothing. Pudgy, middle-aged White women wearing matching short sets (I can’t get the image of this out of my head; it’s a specific reference to a fairly horrifying mom-of-a-friend from high school); Harley Davidson everything, so lots of old, beardy guys on loud bikes, alright; skimpy bikinis; guys’ boxers; whoever’s briefs; ladies’ bras; dollar store bandanas; you name it, and it exists somewhere. I have never thought the American flag made great clothes, which has kind of bummed me out, but I digress.

So, now, a Muslim woman living in America is wearing an American flag hijab and the melting pot calls for her to be urinated upon? Stoned to death? Ripped of her religious garments? Shot in the head?

She wants to live in America just like your ancestors wanted to live in America. It is highly unlikely that she is making a political statement. It is more likely that she wants to belong.

Again, I recognize the many horrifying events associated with Islam. I will admit to you right now that I only have one Muslim friend (I do seclude myself, though, so I can also admit to a fairly low number of other faiths) in America. Ban Islam? Do we call for banning Catholicism every time something horrible happens that is associated with such? And that’s a pretty fucking long list, if you’d care to check. Do we call for the ban of the Baptist faith for the WBC? Nope. Hell, we even sometimes separate them from the rest, as if to deny any association with WBC and Baptists.

I’m trying to think… who was that guy who said “let he who is without sin cast the first stone…?” Thinking thinking thinking.

Slipping my mind.

Or, how about that guy who first advocated the Golden Rule? That guy is Confucius, in case you were wondering. Maybe we should quit following it… that guy was Chinese.

Advocating murder, slighting, violence, and hatred is not what this country was founded on. Get with it, guys.

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2 Responses to The Great Melting Pot, Except Those Bits That Just Won’t Blend

  1. Abbie Woodall says:

    Very interesting that people could be so outrageously hypocritical without realizing it. It is sad that we can’t see the value in the sentiment that this woman is expressing. I appreciated your brief but correct history lesson, and your interpretation is thoughtful. I also appreciated how you point out the many different groups have been discriminated against throughout history. There seems to always have to be one group being victimized. Why can’t we focus more on our similarities than what divides us? Humanity would be much closer then.

    • Sleazer says:

      Thanks for the comment! I was convinced only two other people read this 😀

      It bothers me how under-educated Westerners are about the “other.” I think after a few centuries, we should be focusing on the “us,” especially in America. I really have always found it strange in other countries to see people of such different backgrounds making up the whole. I am aware there are still issues, even so, but, man alive, have we lost our way in the US. It is truly troubling.

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