It’s Okay to Fall in Love

I’m really sleepy. I couldn’t sleep but 3 hours last night, and now it’s like 1am, and I have to make up for the few hours I took to socialize this, uh… month, but Imma put this out here. It’s late and I’m nearly dead.

From Derby Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Everyone has a derby crush, and we’ve done the “Derby Crush of the Month” for the past few months, but this week we want to do something different!

We want to show our Officials some love!! So this week, we’re going to have the Ref & NSO Crush of the Month!

If you’ve got a Ref or NSO that you’d like to show some love to, SEND IT IN!! (Don’t post it here & spoil the fun! 😉 )

Shoot us an email at [email protected]!

Hugh Jorgan, Sleazer, and Mantis posing for a quick shot

Hugh Jorgan, Sleazer, and Mantis posing for a quick shot

I cannot honestly decide who to write in about. I know some really amazing refs; I know some really amazing NSOs. There are a lot of people that I jump up and down inside when I see them and a lot of people I know who have busted their ass to further the sport from the zeeble side. I have met people with such dedication to officiating derby that they will go to absolutely unbelievable lengths, just to learn or do or help. What is more crush-worthy than loyalty, dedication, brains, and desire?

You know what I think draws me to officiating? It’s either black and white or like a philosophical debate until we find the correct shade. Unlike picking crushes…

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