NShObo Awards 2013

NSOs are often the unspoken heroes of derby. If you are at a bout with scores, a penalty box, a whiteboard, someone tracking penalties, and someone starting your jams (you know, any bout), those are your NSOs. If you are a WFTDA league, the NSO paperwork is the only way you retain status and how your rankings are figured.

I love NSOs, all in black, like little paperwork ninjas scribblings down notes and code and numbers, with their little shoes and their load of dedication.

There is a group called NShObos, who have kindly created a voting form for the 2013 Awards. You should see some familiar names, no matter what part of the country you’re from (and there are even a few international nominees!). Vote today and bring some pleasure to your stats ninja’s lives!Voting ends 18.July, so make sure you get them in soon.

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