I haven’t posted in a long time. I’m still sitting on like 9 drafts of derby things, so maybe one of those will go up, soon. You know I’m always quick with a rant, though, right?

Anyway, there’s some fuckery afoot and I wanted to just get this out there: Derby Kiss came up with a fabulous creation that skyrocketed in popularity- color changing derby shorts.You probably saw the video. Everyone saw the video. Note: I don’t have a lot of call to wear cute shorts these days, so Derby Kiss commissioned a tie for me in my favorite colors. A tie I can play with = Sleazer dreams.



Right after that video went viral in not only the derby community, but in other performance-based hobbies/jobs/etc., Derby Kiss hit over 30k likes on Facebook and became one of those stories you daydream about: a small business going strong after an amazing idea and someone making money at a job that they love. Hooray!

However, you may have recently noticed Derby Skinz started selling color changing fanny packs and… the one they have been more quiet about on Facebook, color changing shorts. They even boast that they have reinforced bands at the waist and legs “so you can enjoy wearing them while showing them off.” The originals at Derby Kiss have this, too, so I’m not really sure how this is a feature worth bragging. “Hey, we stole the idea for color changing shorts AND it’s pretty much the same shorts.”

Am I about to tell you Skinz are subpar? No. I wore and own several pair. I also wore and own several pair of Jaime Baby Booty Boutique shorts, which became my go-to because 1) they’re awesome. I have a pair of shorts that I got to pick out every aspect and custom order. 2) It’s a small business. 3) Jaime is rad. Derby Kiss didn’t exist when I was skating, but I can say very similar things about them.

What I am going to tell you is this: derby is supposed to be a community. We all refer to it as a community. We support each other. We love buying things from other derby people. We love buying things from our friends. Why, then, is one of the biggest names in derby short technology stealing the idea of a significantly smaller business right when they are taking off with such force?

Because they can.

Does it make it right? Absolutely fucking not.

Remember when Hot Topic/Target/Think Geek/etc. stole ideas from Etsy shops and everyone was like “rawr! No!” How is this different?

Anyway, I suppose my rant is not all-too-ranty and I’m not properly channelling my rages today, but I wanted to put this out here, because I’m unhappy with this behavior and I wanted you to know why.

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