About This Blog

A thousand times I have thought to keep a blog, but I have never had a single direction that I wished to take it. I have owned this domain for years for that purpose, and finally, I’m like “fuck it.” It started off as a (ridiculously detailed) daily journal of what 33 days in India was like for a tattooed, strange, white woman traveling alone. Now, I will add to it things I feel like writing and categorize them, if anyone is actually looking for a certain thing.

I do what I want.

Subscription problem update: It took way longer than necessary for me to figure this all out (thanks for the confusing instructions, plugin authors). If you want to subscribe to this thing, “like” the FB page (to the right) right and magically links to new posts will appear in your news feed (it posts to your feed, and does not pretend to be you and ask people if they want to play Bubble Orgy or Animal Farm, I promise).

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