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Sending Your Zeebies Away

You probably know, if you’re reading this and know who I am, that I am a supporter of “Team Zeeb.” I love all derby people, sure, but I’ve put the majority of my time in as a referee or NSO. … Continue reading

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Derby Unicorns

Do you know who designed the flier for your last bout? Or who made up the program? Or who booked the venue, arranged the ticket sales, updated the website, put your name on the IBRF (do you know what the … Continue reading

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Grad School for a Narcissist

I am referring to myself. Actually, I usually call myself a “self-loathing narcissist,” because I alternate between an inflated ego and hating myself. Most of the latter is this regret for not just being a normal person with a boring … Continue reading

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Holy Shit! Pope Washes Feet!

Guys, I have to tell you something: I’m Atheist. It doesn’t mean I’m an asshole. I actually love religions. About as biased as I get is “I like this one better, because some of the gods fly around on flowers … Continue reading

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Community Service?

Earlier this year, nominations were supposed to go out for people who did things more than to simply further their career, aka “community service.” I thought about my life. What do I do? A lot. For whom? Well, depends on … Continue reading

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DA-45 Trucks for Laser Plates

If you know me and have looked at my skates, you might have noticed my awesome Laser plates. You probably thought “dummmmmmb. Magnesium is the way to go,” but I thought back “whatever. Mining that shit is a complete bitch.” … Continue reading

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About This Blog

A thousand times I have thought to keep a blog, but I have never had a single direction that I wished to take it. I have owned this domain for years for that purpose, and finally, I’m like “fuck it.” … Continue reading

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Day 33: Mathura/Delhi- The Day I Don’t Get Ripped Off

I called the front desk early this morning and asked them to get me a cab to Delhi. I didn’t want to chance any strange things with the train and figured the taxi would get me there sooner and more … Continue reading

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Day 32: Mathura/Agra- The Day I Walked to the Taj Mahal

I’m going to Agra! What’s in Agra? The Red Fort and the Taj Mahal! What’s the Red Fort? A Mughal (medieval Muslims who conquered a great deal of India) fort made from red stone. What’s the Taj Mahal? A Mughal … Continue reading

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Day 31: Mathura- The Day I Go Into A Temple (and Don’t Get Accosted by the Attending Priest)

So, the train I had tried to book for Friday to go to Agra wasn’t quite panning out. I could get there, but not back… and that’s not the best case scenario, so I booked for Saturday. I should get … Continue reading

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